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Ventura College Make up Schedule UPDATE:

This Saturday, November 8th will be the 10th week of play per the schedule.

Please follow the times listed for November 8th. The make up game from November 1st will be played on November 15th.



Region 39 will conduct a single elimination playoff tournament for all teams in the U10 – U16/19 divisions. The U16/19 Divisions will start their playoffs on October 18th, while all U10-U14 will start their playoffs on October 25th . Below you will find additional information regarding the playoffs.


U10, U12, U14 October 25th through November 8th

U16/19 October 18th through November 1st

Rain date – November 15th


U10 at Kimball, move to Huntsinger on November 8th

U12, U14, U16/19 at Huntsinger

Single Elimination Playoffs - All games must have a winner

Two 5-minute overtime periods if tied after regulation time

Shots from the mark if tied after two 5-minute overtime periods


Seedings for week 10 is determined by game points and referee points

Teams will be re-seeded for week 11; determined by game points only

Teams without sufficient Referee Points will not advance in the playoffs beyond the 10th week regardless of win/loss record”

“Bye’s” for Week 10

BU10 – Seeds 1 – 4

GU10 – Seeds 1 – 10

BU12 – None

GU12 – Seeds 1 – 2

BU14 Seeds 1 – 6

GU14 – Seeds All



Huntsinger park: Field # 3 at Huntsinger is getting pretty worn down. With it being right off the parking lot, it is a favorite of players to use. I would like to see if during the week you could practice in other places so that the field lasts for remainder of the season. With the water restrictions, we not not able to do any renovations at this time. Any help with staying off field #3 during practice is much appreciated.

Respect the Referee

Respect the Referee

Soccer is a passionate game and sometimes that passion can be misdirected. When this happens, a common target for the negative behavior is the referee. The referee is a critical and valuable component of a soccer game just like the coach and the spectators. All of these components have to work together to deliver a safe, fair and fun experience for the players. With this objective in mind, soccer organizations around the world have taken a significant approach to create and maintain respect for referees in all games.

The Football Association (FA), which is the governing body of football in England, developed a respect campaign a couple of years ago to provide awareness and training in support of the referees and the game in general. You can view a video clip here, which the FA developed as a part of their campaign.

AYSO also joined the respect campaign and developed tools and other content to provide awareness and training in support of the referees and the game. Respect.Starts.With.Me was the theme for the AYSO's 2013 Section Meetings, which was exemplified in a video clip that can be viewed here. AYSO will continue to provide awareness, training and tools to maintain the appropriate respect for the referees, coaches, players, spectators and the game


Commissioner's Welcome

A message to all members: AYSO Region 39 is a member program of the American Youth Soccer Organization, a nationwide, non-profit youth soccer organization founded in 1964. The Ventura Region was established in 1973... - Read more


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